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Falcon Box Crack is the tool to unlock the mobile device. Generally, you can use this tool to unlock the MTK devices, Qualcomm based mobile phones, and some other smartphones. However, with Falcon Box, you can repair, unlock or flash your mobile device easily and quickly without facing any trouble. As the third party app, you can download it from many websites, but we bring here the latest version which is 100% tested. Besides, you can update this software at any time when the updated version is available.

Falcon Box Crack

What is Falcon Box Crack?

Falcon Box Crack is the mobile devices repairing tool from third-party for MTK devices, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Qualcomm based devices, Huawei, LG and some other brands over the world. This software is free for you and it is very cool one for your Smartphone. With this software, you are able to flash, unlock or repair your phone easily without any anxiety because it is totally safe. It is really very easy to download and use. This software is knocking you with amazing features. So, you can download it from this site and use it for repairing your favorite device.

If you use it, you need not waste your valuable time going to the market. The process is so easy that you need not know anything before.

Features of Falcon Box Crack

Falcon Box Crack comes with a lot of useful features. Let’s see them.

Key features

  • Falcon Box works super-fast and it does the safe rooting for Samsung Galaxy series.
  • With this software, you can direct unlock your mobile phone.
  • It has the read-lock features.
  • It also has MSI reset and relock MSI reset feature for Samsung Shannon series.
  • The best feature of Falcon Box is the improved Universal Qualcomm.
  • The software has enabled diag.
  • It also has the IMEI feature.
  • You can directly unlock or root your device with this software.

Features for MTK devices

  • It is supported by most of the MTK device.
  • The software will read info and codes.
  • You can unlock your device directly.
  • IMEI, WiFi repair.
  • Removes all locks.
  • There is also Meta mode operation.

Features for Samsung

  • Read codes and info.
  • Direct unlock the devices.
  • It also relocks phones to any networks.
  • It can repair IMEI, serial, Bluetooth.
  • Can read and write Cert.
  • Do a factory reset.
  • Can enable or disable Diag.
  • You can reset the screen lock without rooting.
  • Besides, it enables languages without flashing.
  • Reset FRP, EE locks.

Features of Qualcomm

  • Can read the info.
  • Generic read code.
  • Direct unlock.
  • Can enable Diag.
  • Can repair IMEI-2.
  • Also, does the backup and restore and reset security.

Features for Huawei

  • With Falcon Box, you can do direct unlock of New and old security.
  • Can enable Diag for Qcom Android.
  • Read and write the security and info.
  • Also, repair the invalid SIM lock.
  • Cid Security unlocks.
  • Does modem unlock?

Features for Blackberry

  • Can read the info basic or extended.
  • Can read Mep code with the help of a cable.
  • Wipe the factory reset.
  • Repair the old security of IMEI, ESN.
  • Flasher added.

Features for ZTE

  • It will work for Android info read.
  • Can direct unlock the old and also new security.
  • Repair IMEI, WiFi, Bluetooth.

How to download and install Flacon Box Crack

It is very easy to download and install Falcon Box for your device. I am describing the process below:

  • At first, open your laptop.
  • Then connect it to the internet.
  • Now go to the browser and visit our page.
  • From the given link, download the latest version of Falcon Box Crack.
  • Then wait for a while because download will take some time.

Installation process

  • After downloading the software, it is very easy to install.
  • Just click on the install option.
  • It just needs one click.

How to Use Falcon Box Crack?

Falcon Box is the easy and safe tool to flash or root most of the Android devices such as HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, ZTE, LG, Huawei, etc. After download and installation, it is time to see the process how you can use this software.

  • At first, download and install the Falcon Box.
  • Then download the loader.
  • After that, you should paste loader into the Falcon Box crack in the C program files.
  • Then run the loader.exe to do anything with this tool.

Finally, we can say that Falcon Box Crack is really an amazing tool for repairing any Smartphone. It will keep your device safe and also secure. So, why you are waiting? Download and use it for your device.

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