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Volcano Box Crack is the mobile repairing tool that can repair most of the SPD and MediaTek based devices. The latest version of Volcano Box is now available. However, it is supported by the different version of Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. With this tool, you can easily flash your Smartphone without any complex steps and any trouble.

Volcano Box Crack

What is Volcano Box Crack?

Volcano Box Crack is the software to repair all kinds of China Smartphones and some other branded phones. However, with it, you can repair the dead phone, flash the firmware, unlock the phone, remove or replace the password, Reset the privacy lock, and much more. So, it is the amazing tool to flash your MTK device only one click.

It is a third party software and every year the developers update it and bring some advanced features. However, you can directly download it from our site without doing any registration.

Features of Volcano Box Crack

Volcano Box Crack offers you a lot of features. The features differ from different platforms. We have discussed them below:

Common features

  1. It can unlock the devices such as MTK and SPD platform devices, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, etc
  2. It also enables you to check the iPhone’s IMEI numbers.
  3. Read the info of the device.
  4. Write and read flash.
  5. Write and read flash.
  6. Unroot the devices.
  • The special feature of Volcano Box is that it can detect phones. It is very helpful because it is very common that you may do not know what CPU is in your phone. So, you can select the auto to detect CPU from the detect type and then it will able to detect your phone CPU.
  • Besides, the manual select pinout is available in the Volcano Box. If you have the pinouts of any devices, you just drop the desire pin features on the desire pins.
  • The tool can find boot pin. Some mobile devices cannot be booted without the pin from pinout option. In this case, Volcano Box makes it easy because it has the option to find out the boot pin automatically.
  • The tool can find boot pin. Some mobile devices cannot be booted without the pin from pinout option. In this case, Volcano Box makes it easy because it has the option to find out the boot pin automatically.
  • Moreover, it supports most of the USB cables. As the example, if your device is Nokia and you have no Nokia cable, you can set eh correct pin with any simple cable.

MTK CPU features

  • Volcano Box supports most of the MTK devices and brings a lot of the features for these devices. All the new and old MTK mobiles and the upcoming ones are also supported.
  • For the MTK tabs, you can do many things as like as read or write flash, format it, save phonebook, unlock the user code, repair the touch screen, fix signals, write NVM files and so on.
  • It is really the professional tool that does high-quality updates for all MTK phones.
  • Some phone’s IMEI gets damaged after the hard reset of the phones. But there is an option to repair them with Volcano Box.
  • It supports the MTK mobile phones with the ways such as rx tx and d+d-. It means you can do flashing of the most phones without opening them.

SPD (Spreadtrum) CPU devices

  • Volcano Box is also powerful for the SPD platform devices. You can flash, read IMEI, unlock the user code and much more.
  • It is the only tool that can repair all the new SPD devices and can detect the SPD phones very fast.

How to use Volcano Box

You can easily use Volcano Box Crack for your device. To use it, follow the instructions below:

  • At first, download the Volcano Box on your computer. Then find the tool on your desktop.
  • When you find it, then connect your mobile device to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Now open the volcano tool and detect the problem of your mobile phone and then click that problem to solve it by the given instruction on the computer.

Though you may have the old version of Volcano Box Crack, it is better to download the latest version. You will get the update notification if you use it before. With the updated version, you can enjoy the latest features. However, you can flash and repair most of the MTK devices. Though there are some other tools are available to flash or repair mobile devices, Volcano Box is the best one. Besides, you can download it easily from our site. The tool is tested and will work 100% properly. You can easily work with this tool. So, download it and enjoy rooting your Android device.

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